सम्पुर्ण इन्टेक १/१९८० नम्बरी तपाइँ हरुको हार्दिक स्वागत गर्दछ ।  


इन्टेक् १-१९८० तपाईंहरु को स्वागत् गर्दछ!

Welcome to "Intake 1/1980" Website!

             This is a non-political and non-profitable organisation established in July 2008 with the aim of bringing all the members and families of 1/1980 Intake together, no matter which part of the world they are currently living in. This website will endeavour to act as a cyber "Chautari" for all members and their guests who are interested to join in or participate in our activities and wish to know more about Intake 1/1980's past and future deeds. We hope this website will be a warm, pleasant, and interesting place for all to indulge and take a rest after a hectic long hard day's work and share your views, communicate, and entertain each other even if it may only be for a short while.

             Looking back at the origins of our military life, Intake 1/1980 was obviously a unique group of young Nepalese teens of 1980s selected from across Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west of Nepal. We believe Intake 1/1980 is the largest group in the history of Brigade of Gurkhas with a total number of 685 youths geared up to follow our ancestors? footsteps. The group consists of with the unique army numbers starting from 21163388 to 21164072 and primary basic military training were received in Hong Kong and Brunei in two groups.

             We all hope that this website will not just unite members of 1/1980 Intake only but also help to promote and preserve our Nepalese culture and identity in a wider community. In addition to the above goal, this website will also help to strengthen co-operation among Nepalese, friends of Nepal and those who are interested in Nepal and more importantly activities of Intake 1/1980. It will also actively endeavour to assist in the socioeconomic, cultural, and academic development of Nepal either with direct or indirect involvement.

          So, why wait? Please come along and join us. We, Intake 1/1980 members and families welcome you all…!

Intake 1/1980 6th General Convention
Saturday 26 March 2022

40th Anniversary Celebration - Saturday, 4 June 2022
Party organising team lead by - Mr Rane Gurung(Advisor)

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